We all know in our hearts that things aren’t quite right.

Destruction of nature, climate chaos, the pandemic, over-consumption & greed have increased inequality and despair.

It’s time to rebalance.

It’s time to start anew

Rebalance Now!

Our video at City of London event

Here’s our story about how elephants are helping to save our planet. In this video we explain how the services elephants provide to their ecosystem help to maintain and grow their surrounding environment.


Where will
you stand?

Rebalance Earth is interested to hear from partners who can help us in our journey. If you are a business partner and want to find out more, or have specific questions, click the button below to get in touch with the team.

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We harness the growing carbon offsetting market to create a new flow of wealth, called ecosystem services. Keystone species such as forest elephants provide valuable ecosystem services that include carbon offsets. We partner with companies that have committed to a net zero carbon footprint and who value the protection of keystone species.

Companies get trustworthy, transparent and traceable ecosystem services that protect wildlife, restore ecosystems and raise living standards for their human neighbours.


Cutting edge biological, conservation, and climate research
Approved measurement and verifications methods
Field tested techniques to ensure wildlife protection and human security

Technologically Delivered

Sensors – from satellites to dung testing to monitor the elephants
Permissioned blockchain – traceable, transparent and trusted
Digital tokens – traceability on fair use of “carbon funds”


Act with integrity
Respect, learn from and co-create with local communities.
Re-invest profits to protect other keystone wildlife species

Our story

During the deadly COVID19 pandemic, Rebalance Earth was born out of a conversation between an unlikely trio. A renowned conservationist, a financial economist and a blockchain technology expert recognized the existential threats to humanity and vowed to create a market, making wildlife conservation profitable and equitable.


Our team

Omkar Nakhate
Andrew Ridgway
Karen McCall
Red Morley
Connel Fullenkamp
Ingela Camba Ludlow
Erica Stanford
Ian Redmond
Dinah Nieburg
Zack Klyver
Natalia Andrea Nicolescu
William Vine
Isabela Al Saqqaf
Douglas Flynn
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Hania Othman
Marianne Schoerling
Michael Clohosey
Genevieve Leveille
Kathi Lynn Austin
Maike Gericke
Guntash Mangat
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Anna Maripuu
Rory Unsworth
Mai Farid
Kia Penso
Belinda Bramley
Alexey Belov
Francesco Luna
Nathalie Hilmi
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Dr Roger Iles
Samar Malik
Susanne Köhler
Tony Vernall
Mary Rosenberger
Vinamra Mathur
Spencer Lehrer
Walid Al Saqqaf
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Maria Minaricova
Sara Moraca
Edith Freeze
Kelly Coombes
Tom Cosimano
Cameron Lennon
Jaime Weisfelner
Nicola Peel
Ralph Chami
Rebecca Thomas
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Our team soon formed, composed of 60 multidisciplinary professionals crossing cultures, faiths, generations. While our team is diverse, we all share the same commitment— to build a prosperous economy, regenerative nature and thriving local communities.

Three principles infuse

everything we do

Be Human, Have Love and Give Hope

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